Rub Your Meat 3-Pack – Huge Jars


Rub Your Meat 3-Pack – Huge Jars


Item details

  • Handmade
  • Materials: salt, pepper, spices



Fast Shipping and huge jars! This legendary 3-pack comes with all 3 of the Rub Your Meat Rubs! Our products make a great gift. Old Fashioned is great on pork and ribs, salads, or just about anything. Sweet and Sassy is best on chicken and fish, or just about anything. The Cowboy Way is designed around brisket and steaks. Our spices are versatile and can be used on just about any meat, vegetable, salads, popcorn and more! Our big bottles are packed with over 12 oz of spices so you can be quite generous and give your meat a good rub to pack in plenty of flavor. And don’t just use them on the grill or smoker. Try them out on the skillet, flat-top, air-fryer, crockpot, or sprinkle on salads. Our products make a great BBQ gift for dad and mom, or any friend or relative. Next time you want to rub your meat, make sure you have the 3-pack on hand.Rub Your Meat 3-Pack Huge Jars image 1


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